Double Takes – #002

by Daniel Brenton

in Double Takes

The first historical edition of:

Double Takes
Captions for the pictures that are just asking for it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s ten thousand.

Crank Call
March 20, 1936: FDR’s Vice President John Nance Garner, thanks to secret equipment developed by Nikola Tesla, inadvertently receives a crank call from Satan.

Thomas Dewey and his Face
February, 1940: New York Governor (and Republican Presidential hopeful) Thomas Dewey distinguishes himself as the first candidate to use a face stolen from a ventriloquist dummy.

Obituary Surprise
April 12, 1942: Reading the obituaries between races at New York’s Belmont Race Track, singer-actor Bing Crosby learns that he has been dead for three days.

Wild Pitch
June 12, 1942, Yankee Stadium: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, full of cheer, moments before wildly throwing in the first ball and knocking out a Republican.

Bipartisan Joke
May 7, 1955: President Dwight Eisenhower signs the final draft of the first joke ever to crack up senators on both aisles of the aisle.

No, They're Called Little People
August 12, 1957: The city of Riverside, California inadvertently invents the term “politically incorrect.”

Common Ground
March 17, 1958: Egyptian President Gamal Nasser and First Secretary of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev break an impasse in negotiations when they discover a mutual interest in cross-dressing.

Negative Charisma, Houston
September 10, 1962: The second group of NASA astronauts are sworn in, only after agreeing to be more dull than John Glenn.

No Veto Today
June 17, 1970: Despite strong warnings from his cabinet and pressure from overseas, President Richard Nixon fails to veto Murphy’s Law.

Presidential Request
February 15, 1975: President Gerald Ford calls comedian Chevy Chase on the set of Saturday Night Live and quietly asks him to stop making him look like a clumsy oaf.

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