Double Takes – #001

by Daniel Brenton

in Double Takes

The debut of a new feature on High Oddness:

Double Takes Logo
Captions for the pictures that are just asking for it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s nine thousand.

Borrowed Waders
” Yeah, I do know Louie Anderson. Why do you ask?”


HEY! You din’t even read me my RIGHTS! I wanna LAWYER! Are you gonna charge me you bums, or WHUT!!


Vincenzo and the Nun
Vincenzo, struggling with difficult memories of Catholic School, suddenly realizes he is sucking his thumb.


“What was that Richard Bach person thinking?!  SEAGULLS!  Sheeeesh.”


Naughty Doctors
“You’re really not going to leave that rubber ducky in there, are you?”


YES, I’m a man, and NO I don’t know where I’m going. WHAT’S YOUR POINT!?


A New Expression of Insider Trading
Theo, having just met God in the desert and learned the meaning of existence, rushes back to the resort to call his stock broker.


WHAT?! … SORRY! I don’t KNOW any prayers! I’m AN ATHEIST!


Selling Space
Despite his best intentions, it quickly becomes obvious Mission Specialist Swenson failed to grasp the true meaning of “selling the space program.”

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